« Cuisine & confessions » : a breathtaking circus show in a kitchen

 Cuisine et Confessions

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 8 acrobats in a pan next to the words « kitchen » and « confessions ». You might have seen that ad in the metro without figuring out what it was all about. It was my case, I knew that ad, but didn’t get more info until the buzz reached my ears. « Must-see », « Amazing », « Don’t miss it », there was definitely something about that circus show.

After seeing it on New Year’s Eve, I would just tell you : GO!

Cuisine & Confessions was created by the Québécois circus troupe « Les 7 doigts de la main« , a company that brings together the diverse  talents of its 7 creators for a common objective : bring circus to a human scale.  Humanity and creativity are definitely at the very heart of Cuisine & Confessions. In the kitchen of La Cigale, the artists from all around the world share with us their memories over a meal with their loved ones in a perfect mix of stunning acrobatics, great music, emotion, fun and of course : cooking. Surprise, surprise 🙂 Lire la suite